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Fenster Art Consultants brings extraordinary artwork to extraordinary clients from an international creator base of professionals. Whether it is a glasswork, portraits and paintings or sculptures; Fenster Artists have what our clients value! Fenster Art is passionate about supporting emerging artists around the world to deliver a pipeline of fresh creative talent to Interior designers, architects, property developers, hotels and hospitals.

Kerry Madgwick is a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine and Author of “If you Believe you Can Heal Yourself You Can“, and soon to be published "The Skinny Book" Hear her talk to me about the new wearable technology, 'Helo'.​
Kerry is also a Clinical Nutritionist covering Sports Nutrition and Allergies and Intolerances, a Personal Trainer, Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner, Certified Emotional Healer, Positive EFT Facilitator, Acu sound Therapist and Meditation and Mindfulness Practitioner and combines these techniques to bring about positive changes in your life and to bring your mind, body and spirit back into balance.
Connect with Kerry: Facebook @Kentholisticwellnesshub
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Denise Wilton runs The Mylan Focus. As a business and marketing professional; this fabulous lady wears several hats and does so with much success! Have a listen to her latest project helping her clients bring together home suppliers/retailers/services and Art Consultants like me, uniting them with customers!

James Mackenzie is an internationally known artist whose most recent work was the book cover and illustrations for a best-selling novel in the United States. James paints and experiments with a wide range of styles and techniques. These ranged from his highly expressive portraits capturing the extremes of human emotion to his abstract landscapes representing geometric architectural forms, which almost merge the man-made with nature. To see James' work for the book cover and more


Alberto Petrivelli talks about how about how his career as an artist came to be after starting down another road entirely. Bio: Originally from Tuscany, Italy, Alberto moved to London in 2003. Initially, painting was just a passion as Alberto's background is music; until 2010 Alberto's indie rock band performed in various venues across London. In 2011 Alberto started experimenting different medias on canvas, bringing volume on the flat, white surface, from the initial works on paper, through fabrics to the latest works of iron. Alberto is a self-taught artist, his works can be considered as modern expressionism, sculptures on canvas, a representation of personal life experiences and feelings, expressing the society we are living it. See Alberto's artwork

Since 1999, Sunnie launched into the realm of the abstract world, specialising in oil, oil/mixed media and encaustic wax. Her paintings are inspired by the emotional response to our simplest natural surroundings, and their ability to bring us to an inner stillness. Sunnie exhibits and sells work nationally and internationally, to include Grand Designs in London, New York Chelsea Art Show and Miami Art Fair; and paints to commission.

Julie Bradshaw is one of Fenster Art's premier artists. She has shown her work internationally and has installed art in places such as the Tower of London. Many of her abstract paintings and murals can be found in the public arenas and in the homes of private collectors worldwide. Julie studied fine art at Oxford Brookes University as a mature student gaining a BA (Hons) Degree. Find out more here:


In this next interview we get to find out more about Ann and the art world.