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We believe that as a nation we are quite a charitable lot. Charities around the UK do an important and wonderful job, they have made a difference to thousands of people’s lives. We love the idea of being charitable, in fact we have a section dedicated just to charities. Sometimes people find themselves in a challenging situation for whatever reason, or simply someone that could do with a helping hand. This could be new parents, an elderly neighbour or relative in a care home, or maybe an offspring at University and even a dog rescue centre! Find out more here:


My name is Sarah Thomas and I am 'Plumb'! I'm always being asked where the name 'Plumb' comes from so... My amazing Dad was a Plumber and I was known as 'Miss Plumb' (as from the old card game 'Happy Families') I lost my Dad to cancer in 2011 and his belief in me is one of the main reasons I've decided to follow my dream. I have loved beads and gems from a very early age and am fascinated with where in the world they come from and how they are formed/made. I happy to admit I am a Bead Geek!



Instead of featuring luxury goods, Secret Hamper offers packages of every-day necessities for senders to help make life for a loved one just that little bit easier. From students, to new parents to the elderly, everyone needs a little extra support from time to time. Does your son need a few extra store cupboard essentials during his first term at college? Or could your best friend benefit from a bundle of baby basics? Or maybe an elderly neighbour would be pleased to have a helping hand? This is where Secret Hamper steps in. Our service is so convenient, super quick and so easy to use. With our busy lives and time often short, we take away the hassle of visiting the supermarket, shopping, packing, sending and delivering. Simply select from the different categories below, complete the required information and we will do the rest, bringing a big smile to a loved one. Find out more here: