Energy and Carbon Management is one of the longest established and award winning, leading independent UK Energy Consultancies specialising in the procurement and management of energy, water and carbon services. We have built a track record of consistently delivering compelling financial and environmental results for our clients since 1972, making us the natural choice to partner with for procurement of energy, water and carbon services. We make it our business to always add value for our clients and position ourselves as an extension of their existing capabilities. So whether you need to renew your energy contract, confidence that you've been billed accurately, greater insight in to how and where your business consumes its energy, or reassurance that your business is compliant, our comprehensive suite of products and services can help. For all listeners of Business Radio we are offering a complementary 'Energy Audit' worth over £2,000. It will give you an overview of how your business is managing its energy as well as areas that you could make savings. Simply call James Hickling on 01293 651218 ext 210 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Additionally to understand more about our services visit our website