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Nutritional Therapist & Dietician. Founder & CEO of The Healthy Body Happy Mind Project Charity. Currently undertaking research in healthy eating and wellness for my doctorate in nutrition and dietetics. We are in the process of setting up several charity projects and fundraising. A weekly radio show on health and wellness on Business Radio has been running since March 2017.


Clare Goldfinch from The Healthy Body Happy Mind Project chats to Laurie Wilkinson, The Psychy Poet, about his career in psychiatric nursing and his love of writing poetry. Laurie has published four poetry books so far and makes a donation from the sales of his books to the Help For Heroes charity which helps wounded service people. To find out more about Laurieʼs work:



Clare Goldfinch from The Healthy Body Happy Mind Project interviews Sam Rehan who is a laughter therapist. She works with individuals and families and helps them to feel happier and more relaxed. She runs a local Laughter Club in Forest Row which is held monthly as well as running community based projects working with people with disabilities including teenagers with autism. Sam has also worked with dementia sufferers at the Forget Me Not Cafes which are held monthly. Sam finds that by doing laughter therapy it has helped her be more grounded and relaxed and sleep much better.


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I typically work with multi- tasking mums between the ages of 35 and 45 who feel overwhelmed and frazzled. I help them release stress and exhaustion – giving them more energy to juggle multiple tasks with ease so they can have fun and be fulfilled in work and play.
I am a mum of two and 10 years a secondary school teacher. I have a good understanding of the complexities that families face. An effective listener, approachable and intuitive, I have the ability to bring about change in the way we see themselves. I am an advanced practitioner in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), a Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and a matrix birth Reimprinting

As a parenting coach I am passionate about helping parents move away from ‘old schoolʼ parenting approaches; the ones based on control, rewards and punishments.
Parenting has evolved. Within the last decade through brain and behavioral science, we now know what it takes to make a child grow and not just survive but really thrive both physically and emotionally.
Parenting is about the “state” of our relationship. A solid relationship build on connection, trust, respect and acceptance is the biggest influence of all. Learning about how our childʼs brain develops allows us to support with our child to bring out their best.
At the core of my work I teach positive communication skills, and demonstrate how we can change our language to receive hugely positive results. The parents I work with see a huge difference, not just in their family life but see huge benefits across their work and personal relationships.

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Clare Goldfinch from The Healthy Body Happy Mind Project chats to Jason Gray from Your Clean Space about opening a successful carpet cleaning business and how to keep your carpets in tip top condition. For more information and to use Your Clean Space services you can contact Jason below:
Call Jason on 01273640303

 Clare Goldfinch from The Healthy Body Happy Mind Project chats to Sylvester Swanston from The Estate Planning Consultancy Ltd about his work with young people and the many benefits of professional will writing. http:// Mobile: 07946105290
Clare Goldfinch from The Healthy Body Happy Mind Project chats to Sylvester Swanston from BNI about the benefits of business networking to maximise your business growth and make strong business connections in all sectors. Mobile: 07946105290
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BNI chat with Sylvester Swanston


Clare Goldfinch from The Healthy Body Happy Mind Project chats to Tinu David Beauty Coach about unlocking your inner self and building confidence. find out more

Clare Goldfinch chats to Janice Taylor about running your own business and how she helps her clients to build confidence to take the next step…


Clare Goldfinch chats to Ruth Smethurst from about having fun when you exercise and playing games to get you fit and energised!

Clare Goldfinch chats to Julie Dunn from The Salt Space in Hove about salt therapy and how it has transformed her life. For more information about the benefits of halotherapy and to book a session.

Clare Goldfinch chats to Tilo Flache the Cluttermeister about delving into your motivation and tips for decluttering your life and business. For more information and to organise a decluttering session/.pdf

Clare Goldfinch chats to Simon Jeffries, an experienced and highly successful entrepreneur, about his businesses, family life and his plans for the future.

Clare Goldfinch chats to Natalie Nicholson from My Body Works about how she helps her clients take back control of their bodies.

Clare Goldfinch chats to Louise Wilson from about her charity work with abandoned dogs and using reiki on humans and animals alike.

Clare Goldfinch chats to Liz Davies Miracle Coach about happiness, relationships and how to achieve your goals in life.

Clare Goldfinch chats to Jenny Osbourne, professional fitness coach extraordinaire from Body Happy, about taking control of your body and your life with tailor made fun fitness sessions.

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Clare Goldfinch chats with Claire Harding about all things insurance and how to get a cracking deal on gym membership and Champney's spa days.

 Clare Goldfinch chats with Karen Lee from www.thesensitivefoodiekitchen about her experiences whilst living in India and Karen’s passion for food and cooking delicious food.

Clare Goldfinch chats to Aimee Cox about Osteopathy and how it helps people..

Clare Goldfinch interviews Aideen Smith Watson from Life Blueprint about mindful parenting.

Clare Goldfinch chats with Loopy Lou who is a children's entertainer extraordinaire!

Clare Goldfinch chats with Jay Kendall about Lewes craft market and how to setup a successful Etsy business.


Clare interviews Ania Jeffries