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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


Everything that you've ever wanted to know about Business Radio. If you find a typo or if we've missed somehting please do let us know.

Business Radio is an online radio station specifically to help small businesses get noticed. We encourage companies to have their own business shows in the form of an online show talking about their products and services. You can also interview people and play music.

We show you how to build an audience, engage with your clients and raise your brand awareness.

Business Radio Sussex is a registered limited UK company. We are a small group of business people dedicated to supporting small business.

You can only listen to Business Radio by coming to our website. If you have your own show then you will receive a unique URL such as

Business Radio is currently looking for buisness people who want to boast about their business, products and services. We want you to have your own business show on Business Radio.

If you want to have you own buisness show on Business Radio please drop us an email at You can also check our special offer page.

We know that small buisnesses run on tight budgets so Business Radio has made it simple for everyone to have their own show. You might need to buy some hardware depending on how professional you would like to sound but here are a few packages:

Please check our plans page , Our one off shows and our marketing booster

If you own an Apple Mac you can use garage band and use your internal microphone. If you have a windows computer we will show you where to download free software. You may be able to use the internal microphone as well.

Getting listeners is much easier than you think.

If you have a social media presence then you could use your social media to tell your followers about your new show. You can ask your clients to listen in and even create a webpage publicising your show!

Failing all of that we will also regularly tweet about your show to all of our followers which run into the tens of thousands!

No, we do not pay you for your show.

Please remember that we are helping you build your business and that you might make money from new customers.

Yes, with some of our packages you can play what ever music you like, but remember that the idea is to promote your business so less music and more chatter.:-)

Good question but not the "Correct" question :-)

The question should be "Who will listen to my show?" and the reason that this is the "correct" question is that the people who listen to other shows on Business Radio may not necessarily listen to your show.

Having an online show is no different to any other type of marketing. You will have to contact people and tell them that you are there so we ask you to consider sending out emails and notifications on Facebook and Twitter notifying your current clients of your show. You will then build an audience who want to listen to you. 

Yes :-) You can invite guests, clients and even the competition!

Business Radio complies fully with PPL and PRS.

We have spoken to the PPL and PRS about licensing.

Because we don't play "live" music and because we do not store music on our servers and that all of our prerecorded shows go through Mixcloud, we do not need any type of licence.

Business Radio owns all material once it is uploaded or sent to us. You give up all rights to your recorded material once you have sent to us. This means that the version of the show that you send to us will be ours.

Yes, we offer full training on using the equipment, what to say, how to interview and how to build an audience.

Generally our listeners are between 30-55 who are either looking at starting a business or are looking for ways to improve their business. This information is calculated through asking people who we interact with.

You will be producing your own show, so you will introduce yourself, your business and what you are looking for. listeners who like what you say, your products or services will contact you.

Because you have your own show, you can use your show to promote your business and services as well as any special events or promotions that you might have coming up.

Getting started with your own radio show is dead easy.

But, it really depends on how "flash" or basic you'd like to be.

Firstly you'll need a desktop computer or a laptop. You can also use other computers such as iPads and even iPhones as well as others. If you are using a laptop of some sort you could stop there.

Laptops usually have a builtin microphone so you could interview someone from your laptop and nothing else. This is exactly how we did it when we started.

If you want to be a little more flash you could buy a couple of these microphones from amazon We use condenser microphones which are low cost and effective but there are also much more expensive microphones on the market. As you are just getting started, lets keep the cost as low as possible. I would also get a couple of these cable called XLR cables: and Maybe a microphone stand : and definitely one of these, a usb mixer:

You don't have to use the same equipment that we have as there might be other equipment out there that works just as well.

Now you are ready to talk about the software that you can use.




There is lots of software on the market depending on what it is that you would like to achieve. For the moment all that we want to achieve is record a show. 

The show may consist of your introduction, some music, an interview or just about anything else that you want to talk about, after all, it's your show :-)

I use an Apple Mac for the software that I use may not be available for windows operating systems. 

To play my music and give me a real DJ feel, I use Megaseg but there is lots of free software out there as well, just google free DJ Software and you'll get this:

I also use Nicecast to record my shows and Audio Hijack to give me more control over how everything works. 

But you know something, before going it alone, why not visit us and see how we do things and then decide what is best for you. We're always very happy to help you.

We will  endeavour to get your show out at a time and day of your preference but as we get busier we may not always be able to give you a "dedicated" day and time. We reserve the right to change the time and day and even not broadcast the show.

Good question!

We are a new concept and you're probably concerned about getting involved with a company who doesn't really have a long history in radio (and that is wise) however, Business Radio is getting lots pf traction and attention from may different companies. The benefits to you as a company is that no one else is doing what we are doing. Yes there are lots of bloggers and thousands of radio stations bur none of them will offer you what we are.

So to answer your question: You could be the first in your industry to have you own show on Business Radio. You could bring about change! The other thing is that if you don't do something you can guarantee that your competitors will.


What equipment do I really need?

Should you decide to get a little studio going either from home or office here is a list of kit and software that we use.


We used these microphones that we purchased from have a look here:


You will also need an XLR cable for this microphone here


Because you are using this type of microphone and this type of cable you will probably need a mixer like this one


iTunes and Audio Hijack: This is for Apple Mac

If you have Windows then try this: