Heather Johns is a serial entremprenue. With a string of businesses under her belt we felt that Heather would be a great addition to Business Radio.

At Robins, we enjoy a happy space full of warmth and smiles in a beautiful environment. We welcome individuality, respect all backgrounds, value differing abilities and cater for individuals, promoting independent choice within a flexible structure. Find out more here: http://www.robinsnursery.co.uk

Forever have been the world leaders of cultivated Aloe Vera products for over 35 years and offer a wide range of natural, organic products in areas such as weight management, health & fitness, personal care, sports & nutrition, skin care and make-up, animal care and life balance products. 

The business opportunity is based around a unique marketing plan that creates a residual royalty income, so you can take time off, go on holiday, take your children to activities or just simply sit on the sofa. And the best part is - you still get paid your ‘salary’ - no questions asked! Find out more here http://heatherforever.co.uk