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Mary is the Founder of Maysante Consultancy that delivers expert people management and compliance services to businesses. She is just about to start in her third year of business. She is focused on providing a full end-to-end service that supports people in business with the full employee lifecycle, from recruitment to exiting. The service also includes management training, one-to-one coaching, mediation, performance management and employment law support.

More info Twitter: @maysante Web:


Edera started her Digital Marketing Apprenticeship 6 weeks ago. Aged 21, she has a Foundation Degree in fashion textiles and a background in the creative industries having left school with 12 GCSEs and BTECS.

Edera’s mission in life is to be genuinely happy in her career and be financially stable. She aims to have a business designing and making bespoke products in arts and crafts and fashion sectors. She also dreams of being a personal shopper and a professional interior designer.
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Monica started Inside Advantage 18 months ago. The company provides Human Resource Management consultancy and services to enable businesses to be effective and to get  the best performance from their biggest asset, their people. A deceptively young-looking mother of two grown up children and a grandmother, she is passionate about sport – football and tennis. Monica is also driven by equality and fairness – in fact she would probably have a fight with you if she felt you are being a bully. She is also keen to change the low priority give to people with mental health illness and the elderly in UK society.

When she is not working, Monica will be found looking after her mother who has dementia, as well as spending time with the rest of family. She plays tennis and football in the park regularly, and goes for long walks while on holiday.


Hadi (a.k.a The Tycoon) is serial entrepreneur who has started several businesses. He is currently the owner of Ringsport Productions as well as Independent Mortgage Adviser at 1st Call 4 Mortgages. The production company specialises in independent wrestling promotions for wrestlers and promoters in the UK. They aim to go global in 2018. His second business provides whole-of-market mortgage brokerage and personal and business protection services. He has been in business in the UK and internationally since 2006.
Hadi is driven by his passion for helping people in challenging financial circumstances to get on to the property ladder or financially get out of the rat-race. He also has a passion for coaching people to be better than they are. Finally, Hadi wants to make money by delivering fantastic services.
More info
Twitter: @thetycoon2
Facebook: Hadi Naqui
Instagram: the_tycoon_pro_wres_manager
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Ryan Nichols founded the million dollar company, Wholesale Universe in 2015. He offers brand name products at UNBEATABLE wholesale prices, and also offers Amazon Prep Services with these items! His clients can usually expect to receive a 30%-55% ROI within 60-90 days of products going live on the Amazon FBA Platform. Ryan is also in sales for Hardcore Closer / Break Free Academy, a Motivational Speakers, Sales Coach, Podcast Host, Blogger and all around Entrepreneur service
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Marc, Director of Emjay Consultancy Ltd, helps companies win more business from or better serve their customers internationally by acting as consultants and facilitators who call on an extensive global network of trusted contacts who help him fulfil his clients’ objectives.
Founded five years ago, they were helping North American & Israeli companies expand into UK, Germany, and China.
Marc is also the European representative of Gottesman, America's largest network of independent M&A Brokers.

More info:
Twitter: @globaltwit
FB: @marc.jarrett
LinkedIn: in/marcjarrett


Ekow is passionate about making people happy with his music. He writes, plays and produces Music under his several bands: E.K.A, Indiscretion & Mr A.
Listen as Ekow shares his experiences in business including the highs and learning points. Don’t miss his awesome tips for current, soon-to-be and aspiring business owners. Enjoy

More information:
FB: /IF? Lifestyles
T: @biggrooverecord

Patrick, Managing Partner of Peesville Media, got the idea to start his web design company while he was collecting data for his PhD research. His initial motivation was to have enough money to buy a new computer for his young cousin in Africa. Now, Patrick donates a slice of his profits from every project he completes to fund a computer for a child in Africa. He believes that a child with a computer today can become the Bill Gates of a Microsoft in 15 years.
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LinkedIn: /@patrick Giwa


Sam, a recently married man, has been working at the family-owned and run Predator Pest Solutions for just over a year now. His role is multifaceted with responsibility for setting and delivering the business strategy, coordinating operations and seeking out new business opportunities. The business 6-year old business prides itself on providing a service that eliminates, controls and prevent problem pests in properties within the M25 corridor and South London. His mission in life is to have a happy family life and build success through delivering motivational sessions and public speaking events.

More info: T: @predatorlondon FB: @ Predator Pest Solutions W:


Temi, devised her business idea in 2009 before starting the business, EvieAmore in earnest a year later. Following several challenges that threatened to derail her ambitious plans in Nigeria, Temi rturned to the UK to re-startegize. She has been running the business on a part-time basis so that she can combine it with her day job commitments. Despite the many years that have passed since the company started trading and the massive effort that she has put into building the business, Temi admits that she only really decided to run EvieAmore as a real business in 2016. Find out how this start-stop approach to running a business has impacted EvieAmore. More info: Facebook: @Evieamore Fits Buxom belles Website:


Seth is a young, innovative thinker with a passion for creating digital solutions that demand success. A natural born tech geek, Seth uses his extensive skills to build, design and maintain apps. Growing up with a professional stand-up comedian father and a teacher mother, Seth’s thirst for joy and knowledge allow him to offer signature services to business owners. His rare abilities enable his clients to discover the best version of their company through strategy, design, and development. He revitalizes presence and positioning in any field and industry through the implementation of an unwavering brand strategy and superior online presence. An adventurer at heart, Seth will unearth and leverage your opportunities into profitability.

More information:
Facebook: @madscientist
Twitter: @sethw_perfpr / @PerfPresence


Doren, a father of four, is the CEO and president of and the founder of the Testimonial Engine -- the #1 software for helping local businesses collect and share client reviews on autopilot. You have to love his SYTEMS acronym Save Your Self Time Energy Money & Stress – well said that man! As a result of his clients' extraordinary success, he has won the prestigious "Best Industry Service Provider" award three years in a row at the 2012, 2013 and 2014. He is also the host of the Local Domination Podcast - where local business owners learn how to get local clients FAST. Since 2005, Doren has been dedicated to helping business owners attract more clients with less effort, regardless of market conditions. His life mission is to inspire and equip people to create an extraordinary life -- full of passion, purpose and prosperity. His message is the power of testimonials and online reviews to build your business and the “SPEED of TRUST”. When he is not busy working, Doren enjoys spending time with his family. Doren has created The Ultimate Testimonial Toolkit for listeners to enjoy the benefits of the Testimonial Engine. Visit the website below and head for the bottom of the home page.

More info: Facebook: @my testimonial engine

Twitter: @testimonialengine

Peter started his Portfolio Financial Director business in 2011 as he wanted to challenge himself after having worked as an in-house Financial Director. Like most business owners he has experienced the highs and lows of being your own boss. Prior to starting the business Peter began his working life as an accountant for a computer company, then joined the banking sector before moving to being an interim accountant for major blue chip companies. He is passionate about seeing businesses grow based on the right foundations – the numbers behind the business. Peter’s mission in life is to see his children established in their lives as happy adults doing their own thing. When he is not working, Peter will be found walking his dog and doing archery (not at the same time, obviously) in Epsom. He also loves spending time with his family. Listen as Peter shares his journey into entrepreneurship, including his successes and challenges. He also gives amazing tips for current, aspiring and soon-to-be-business owners.
Enjoy More info: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Ola started Beeanna’s Closet a year ago while on maternity leave. Her aim was to be able to spend quality time with her baby daughter as she grows up. The business was inspired by her love to give children an exclusive experience on special occasions so that look great and feel comfortable. She wants this to translate into a desire to help parents in a similar situation for herself – not struggle to find bespoke clothes for their children. Ola is passionate about helping parents find the right clothing for their children because every child deserves a truly exclusive clothing experience. Which in turn saves parents energy, time and money so that they can get on with the more important parenting tasks. She is on a mission to positively affect people by sharing her experiences to enable families to spend more quality time together. She is also on a mission to spread the message about Christ and the love of God. When Ola is not working, she spends as much as possible with her two daughters. She enjoys visiting the parks and feeding ducks. She will also be seen wondering around Deen City Farm. Ola is also a passionate Manchester United fan (poor lady) and tries to watch all of their games on TV. She loves reading business and motivational books. Listen to Ola share her experience of being a start-up entrepreneur. You will discover the highs and the challenges she has experienced so far, as well as the lessons she has learned. She also gives top tops for current, aspiring and soon-to-be business owners. Enjoy! More info: Facebook: @Beeannascloset Web:

Philip is in the process of starting his new business venture – Philip Milton Success Coaching. The service supports business owners and delivers Keynote Speaking. He provides ‘your road map to success’ These just add to his already busy schedule educating people about Karat Bars and the benefits of saving in gold. He also gives not-to-be-missed tips for current, aspiring and soon-to-be business owners. Enjoy More info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nicola, a mother of two boys, started her Web Solutions company a year ago. She has deliberately kept the business small so that it can grow organically and sustainably. She had successfully built another IT start-up previously. She is a firm believer in working according to God’s light and being mindful and present. Her services cover everything a business needs to be successful on the Internet including marketing, website development, domain registration and hosting and data analytics. Her mission in life is to be a successful businesswoman while raising her children to be happy and fulfilled. She is passionate about changing the way people think about God. She lives to helping businesses to recognise, acknowledge and think about God’s influence in their lives – Nicola believes faith makes a huge difference in the world and should be everyone’s #1 priority. More info: facebook: @Technix Solutions

Gary Beckett (AdvancedPrint Services Ltd)Gary is owner at Advanced Print in Coulsdon. Their services include include photocopying, printing, banners, business cards, flyers, brochures, canvas photoprint, booklets and programmes, mugs and promotional items as well as embroided and printed workwear. Gary started the businessway back in 1992 - he emphasises that Advanced Print is far from old - Gary says they are young at heart as they are forward-thinking and invest in modern technology. Gary is passionate about cars in fact they are all petrol-heads at Advanced Print.

Tommi started in the video business 6 years ago, following a number of years doing corporate photography. He now focuses on producing testimonial videos for businesses to build trust in their potential and existing clients, and ultimately sell more. He had a short film in the Cannes film festival. Tommi is passionate about emulating his heroes – he says they are a long list of dead directors. He explains hat he loves the process of film making, which he believes is as important as any goal in life. His mission in life is to enjoy his life, live the life he wants and spend his days making lots of feature films. He wants to make a big catalogue of movies that people love, enjoy and celebrate. His dream is to work one day a week while spending the remaining days enjoying the life he creates for himself. More info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Derek is Managing Director and Founder at Goddards Accountancy in Surrey. Which he has been running for the last twenty-five years. He has grown the business from a start-up to four offices in London and Surrey. He is a passionate advocate for Cloud accounting for business because of the many benefits it brings to businesses. He is particularly keen to get the message out about cloud accounting now because of the upcoming government shakeup of the tax system under the ‘Making Tax Digital’ initiative. More info:

Jenni has been a ‘Life Changer’ coach for 12 years since discovering her passion and choosing to follow her dream following a serious illness. She plans to live to over 100 years as she has so much to give. She lives by the motto ‘she designed the life she loved’! Her mission in life is to help people to take care of themselves and reach their potential. She lives to help people to look back proudly at what they did rather than wishing they had done things differently or more. Jenni loves her work. She loves coaching and enjoys doing things. She is very creative and loves to make things happen. She enjoys the coaching process and being creative in helping people. She is focused on helping herself and the people she works with to enjoy their life and work. When she is not busy working, Jenni is into exercise. She works with a personal trainer doing a gruelling 3 body combat sessions a week, mixed with a session of Pilates - that’s 4 gym sessions a week for someone who works hard supporting people while also building her business. Jenni loves reading books and going to the theatre. She also enjoys eating out and exploring interesting food. Listen to jenni’s journey into life coaching, the challenges she has experienced along the way and the high points. Jenny also give awesome business tips for current, aspiring and soon-to be business owners. More info: Facebook/jenni hallam

This is our first ever interview with an overseas business legend! Priest Willis, Sr is the Global Affiliate Marketing Manager for Lenovo, the #1 global PC Company. Priest got his start in affiliate marketing in early 2000’s where he cut his teeth building a few niche affiliate sites and eventually started managing company programs like and BuySeason sites, CelebrateExpress and many others as a consultant.  

Adrian started his Removal business in 2014. His ambition is to build the business into a recognisable brand that people instinctively call for moving and clearance needs. He also runs an Ebay store and regularly does car boot sales. He lives by the acronym F (flexible), A (affordable), I (integrity) R (reliable). Adrian’s mission in life is to build a legacy that will last the test of time and inspire others behind him. He also supports Scope and Barbados charities by donating items that have value instead of putting them in recycling centres. He is passionate about helping people and works to make the world a better place. He loves giving to others whether through service or products and services. When he is not busy working Adrian will be found relaxing on a golf course in Surrey. He also enjoys spending time browsing the web and spending time with his family and friends. Listen as Adrian tells his story as an entrepreneur including top tips for current, aspiring and soon-to-be business owners. More info: Twitter: @dashthetrash; Facebook: /dashthetrash 

Dee started her transformational coaching business in 2015. The Transformational Life Coaching business works with people who have challenges that get in the way of them achieving their goals. Dee’s M.I.N.D.S.E.T formulae is has proven to create change infusing a committed aura to encourage individuals that no matter what life throws at them, she believes their true destiny and power of achieving awaits them. As they heal and forgive the hurts, visible scars from the past to creating a life lasting change with abundance, faith, passion and love.

Jeremy is the accidental business owner who has had massive success running the Public Relations and Marketing company he co-owns with his wife Wendy. With a background in journalism, Jeremy is an expert copywriter, video-maker and project manager who has run marketing and advertising campaigns for big businesses for over 27 years now. Jeremy is driven by the joy of finding out something new everyday. He loves to learn new things, especially about businesses and their unique qualities so that he can tell their stories in captivating ways. More info: Twitter @jeremypursehous Linkedin @Jeremy Pursehouse

Amy is a social entrepreneur from Manchester working in the field of affordable housing solutions and homelessness prevention and response. She founded people Property Shop in 2012 and has since launched the concept of Social Property Investment into the marketplace. Social entrepreneurs are individuals whose innovative solutions help solve society’s most pressing social challenges. They draw on business techniques to find solutions to the everyday challenges that confront us in society but unlike regular entrepreneurs their primary aim is to create impact and improve lives, not to make profit. However, social enterprises are not charities – they generate revenues that are re-invested into their organizations to create financial sustainability and substantially increase their ability to create long-term impact. .

F: amyfelicityvarle


Matthew, who describes himself as a geek, is in the process of starting Ultimate Gaming Laptops, a re-selling business for high spec laptops for gamers. He aims to provide a better service at more affordable prices to the market. The business will start trading officially in August. In the meantime he is busy making the necessary arrangements and plans with tasks lie building his website and setting up for selling. Matthew loves travelling on trains – he is a bit fanatical about the sights and the sounds. He is also passionate about playing games on pc. He is also a keen gamer who loves playing open-ended city-building games like Sin City. His ultimate passion is to see electronic equipment made with 100% recycled materials because that would case the exploitation of children and the pollution that results from digging for precious materials. He also describes himself as a fanatical eco-friendly person. When he is not working, Matthew will be found in the gym, which he tries to visit at least four times a week. His ambition is to grow his business to be sustainable and give value to the gaming community. More info: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Leslie has recently started his videography business. His ambition is to be the official videographer at David and Posh Beckham’s thirtieth wedding anniversary. A former Home Office manager, he is determined to build a successful business that will give him the lifestyle he wants. His mission in life is to help and inspire others through the medium of video. He also wants to be remembered for helping people through the business journey. He is determined to be someone that his brothers look up to and build a legacy in business that will inspire younger generations. When he is not working, Leslie enjoys spending time with friends and watching his favourite football team, Arsenal where he is a member. More info: Twitter @lwmvideographer


Tay is a recently married thirty something business owner originally from London, now building his business in Dominican Republic. He has been in business since his teens when he started a couple of Internet Cafes that blossomed into a Property Development Company. He has recently started Properties For Sale by Tay Oz, which he aims to provide a fantastic service using as pure selling techniques as possible Tay is passionate about the ocean – saving the fish and animals as well as the corals. He is a certified advanced open water diver who goes deep sea diving at least once a week. When he is not diving or working, Tay enjoys watching football, playing tennis, enjoying the beach and all the enjoyment that it has to offer His mission in life is to be a good uncle to his nephews and then be a good father to his future children and Godchildren. More info:

Jo who is expecting a baby daughter in a few months is a father of one. He categorises himself as the only music industry coach! Jo started The 6 Global eighteen months ago from a music-based company that has now evolved into a creative/development company with4 strands. Their services range from drink development to life coaching and public speaking as ell as creative design and marketing services for businesses.

Nina, a mother of three is busy running a Utility Warehouse business and building BNI networking chapters. She thrives on seeing network s bring more business to their members. She is driven by the rewards of personal relationships with people both inside and outside of business. To this end she actively seeks opportunities to connect with people who can benefit from Utility Warehouse savings and have the chance to build a future with residual income, either on a part time or full time basis. Find out more here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vivian started in financial advice in 1987, working as a tied agent. The mother of three daughters started her business in 2002 to keep doing what she was good at while looking after two young children. She enjoys giving back to the community through the events she puts on like the Dementia Awareness Day on 26th May. Vivian hates seeing people waste money and the opportunities that they can take advantage off. She is a business-crazy workaholic who just loves giving financial advice and growing her business. Vivian is passionate about family and enjoying life with her children.

Ricardo started Minuteman Press Croydon 6 years ago. In that time his business has gone from a start-up to established Croydon company with plans to grow even bigger. This father of two is driven by the mission to create Croydon’s most successful printing business (aka Croydon’s favourite printers). He is passionate about making the world a fairer place. In particular, giving a voice to homeless people and refugees.

Michael is Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Purley, a Senior Living home. He has been with the Sunrise group for seven years now. In that time he has done the same role in different locations around the south of the UK. He is responsible for getting the residential home more widely known through to nurturing families and the difficult process of moving their family member into the home as residents.

Barbara started her graphic design and email marketing business in 2010 that has since evolved to now include mobile app development and marketing. Through factor e services, Barbara aims to help businesses to grow and stand out against their competitors with professionally designed marketing materials and digital content. With more than 25 years of experience, Barbara can apply her design skills to a wide range of media.

Rajan Amin started his Coversure franschise business in August 2000 after years of working in retail and sales. They moved to Croydon in June 2015, a move he regards as being fantastic for the business, not least because they had their best year last year (2016). Rajan’s Coversure Croydon is on track to have an even better year this year. He plans to be in the top 5 of Coversure franchises offices, which is no mean feat considering Coversure are one of the largest insurance brokerage franchises in the UK.

Tim founded The Intent Experience in April 2016. The Business Leadership Coaching business works with business owners to teach them how to intentionally run their business so that the result and success they want show up sooner and faster. His coaching service uses five principles (Awareness, Assertiveness, Agreement, Accountability and Adjustment) to get business results for clients. This father of two is passionate about inspiring the ‘inspirables’ (ambitious Small business owners) to transform their business from a dream into reality. His is driven by the mission of empowering people in a world where so many people are beaten by the challenges of life. More info: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mobile: 07921 197588

Mary started Maysante HR Consultancy in September 2016. The company provides HR and Health and Safety support mainly to SMEs. She is focused on providing a full end to end service that supports people in business with the full employee lifecycle, from recruitment to exiting. The service also includes management training, one-to-one coaching, mediation, performance management and employment law support. Find out more at

Natalie is the new breed of HR consultancy. She works with small businesses as well as larger companies. Natalie provides affordable and practical HR solutions that allow business owners to get on with running their business.  The business provides recruitment, policy document drafting, investigations, advice, restructuring and management training face to face and remotely. Their flexible fee options mean that small businesses can access expert HR services. Find out more here:

Lorraine is co-founder of The LP Partnership, which focuses on mind, body and spirit – the business bring in all aspects that promote health and wellbeing under one umbrella. Lorraine and her husband started the business as a holistic healing company that has since expanded into the collection of three separate yet related businesses that is today: the Holistic Healing business, a Network marketing business in Synergy Worldwide, and Helo LX – a unique health and lifestyle monitoring device. Lorraine is passionate about having perfect health and wellbeing regardless of age. Her mission is connecting with people. When Lorraine is not working she enjoys playing with the grandkids, walking the dogs, swimming and drinking a glass or two of wine with friends. Find out more here:

Sue started Sue Stacey Virtual Assistant six months ago with the aim to streamline and improve their filing system – both paper-based and electronic, or create a new system in a methodical and logical way. Sue really believes filing is fun!

While she has recently changed the business name to Virtual Assistant Specialising in Filing Management to reflect her greatest expertise, Sue also provides bookkeeping, data input, audio and copy typing, and market research. Sue’s business helps clients feel back in control of their paperwork. As a result of her services, They no longer spend time looking for things because everything is clearly labelled, their work area will be more comfortable and less cluttered, giving a more productive environment. Ultimately, Sue helps business owners to feel inspired to carry on by themselves.

Jamie founded Mint Décor in 2005 after having spent 4 years as an Apprentice to the Team Leader in a decorating company. He decided to go it alone so that he could offer an exceptional service to more people on his own terms in a different geographical area. Jamie believes his artistic creativity helps his decorating work. He has become a dad recently, with the birth of his baby daughter, Poppy, who has added a different dimension to his outlook. The business serves clients in Surrey and London. 


With more than 20 years’ experience of working in and running water companies, Nick looks far younger than he actually is. I love the fact that his business’ communication has a distinct ‘Lovewater-speak’ that is poignant yet light-hearted. Hear Nick share his passions, mission and business insights in this entertaining podcast that is essential listening for current, soon-to-be and aspiring business owners.

Eny chats with Gil Sepe about her ‘virtuous cycle’ business

Gill started with Angel Business Club three and a half years ago. She is also currently a Bullion Agent for ISN. She has a long background in networking marketing that goes back 20 years. Her motivation for joining the business sector was her parenting duties with two young children whom she wanted to fit work around. Gill now has two grand children (4 years and a half and 3 months).


Andrew started Joyful Genius 7 years ago. The business provides coaching for individual business owners. Before that he was a consultant in Key Accounts. And prior to that he was a Key Account Manager, managing business relationships with the biggest partners/clients for large multinational companies and Independent small businesses. The Coaching business helps business owners to step into their unique genius and truly understand the value they give to their clients. His experience as a business owner has been challenging as well as very fulfilling. Andrew loves the freedom that can change the world he lives in whilst getting paid. Find out more here:

Eny chats with Property Development expert, Alan Frost

Alan is owner and Director of Simplify Property, a property development business he founded in March 2014. He is a young entrepreneur, hence he can still enjoy the bachelor life. The business is based in Sutton and covers South London, Surrey and Kent. His target clients are property investors and homeowners –who he helps to add value to property for resale. 

Eny chats to Michael Eve about his network marketing business insights

Michael has been there, seen it and done it all in network marketing. His association as a business owner with Utility Warehouse, OneLife/OneCoin, Tropic Skincare and Angel Business Club tell you that he has successfully sold and built teams in the major companies around.

Michael’s impressive network marketing experience is mirrored by his impressive career in the corporate world that includes Proctor and Gamble, EMI Music For Pleasure, and Murphy Chemicals. In fact, he got tired of the jet-set life of travelling First Class on planes and having a chauffeur –driven car before he decided to start his own businesses.


Stuart is owner and founder of Being In that primarily helps professional men and women spend less time in their heads. Hi specialises in working with Accountants and Financial officers to better serve themselves and the world - be that by number crunching or coaching.

With over 25 years in accountancy in a variety of roles, he went from accountancy to consultant then to coach. Stuart’s current role sees him providing coaching services and running events and Masterminds that are perhaps best considered as being on the totally opposite side of the number-crunching spectrum – he talks about things like spirituality, meditation and awareness.

Eny talks empowerment and self-belief business with Paul.

Paul (Owner of NiPau Association) is father of a 5-year-old son. He started the business in summer 2016. 

Paul is passionate about empowering people to get the confidence, strength and belief to rise above barriers to their achieving success in their personal and professional lives. His ambition is to empower millions of people around the world. This is backed up by faith and strategic plans. When he is not working on trips abroad for retreats, courses, seminars, etc. He loves spending time with family and socialising with friends. He enjoys outdoor activities, visiting museums, watching films at cinemas and theatres. Listen as Paul tells us about his experiences as a start-up entrepreneur, his success and challenges He also gives fantastic tips and advice for current, aspiring and soon-to-be business owners. Enjoy.


Eny chats with Dr. Brian Hammond

There is nothing that Brian has not seen when it comes to building and managing a successful business! He founded Sutton Chiropractic Clinic in 1975, straight after completing a university course, driven primarily by of the lack of jobs. The business boomed in the 80s and 90s with clients coming from all over the world. They included celebrities, royals, Olympic gold medallists and national sports captains.

Although now semi –retired, Brian still spends a couple of days a week treating patients while investing the rest of his time in his role as Executive Chairman of the Backcare – the charity for people with back and neck pain. 

Eny talks to Seyi about making a business sustainable. Seyi Onabule is Co-founder and CEO of Nueras Africa Marketplace, an innovative online retail platform that aims to transform how African entrepreneurs sell their products. Nueras Africa Marketplace showcases African brands and gets them to export the products they make to the UK and western countries so they can sell to a wider customer-base.


Joyce Sarpong turns the tables on your host Eny Osung. 

Eny is usually the one asking the questions on Eny’s Happy Hour. This time, Joyce  Sarpong, Founder and Director of Africaoracle, asks the probing questions that open the door to Eny’s crazy ideas, thoughts and business. 

An ageing father of three children and owner of several pets, Eny is Founder and Managing Director of Small Business eMarketing Ltd (, a Croydon-based digital marketing consultancy that provides email, social media, search optimisation, Pay-Per-Click, Video, and Mobile App marketing as well as coaching for small businesses to reach more people on the Internet.

Eny keeps life simple – he is working on his businesses, at business networking events, watching Tottenham Hotspur, spending time with family and pets or catching up on his sleep. He loves spending time in his second home in the Dominican Republic as well. 

 Eny chats to Louise Camby!


Mei-Mei Lillywhite is the President of Journey Health UK.

Born Hong Kong, Mei-Mei joined Journey Health in April 2016. The company is a health and nutritional company that uses a network marketing model to sell its products and to create teams to build the business. Mei-Mei is a grand-mother of two (2-month old grandson and 6-and-a-half year old grand daughter). She has with over 25 years in the network marketing business.  Her passion is to change global health, create global wealth and to re-launch her charity, Networking In Compassion (NIC) that relieves suffering to the nations, from ‘love thy neighbour’ schemes to tsunami earthquake survivors. She aims to build a database of 100,000 contributors and supporters through her network marketing business by July 2017. Very ambitious!

Joyce founded Africaoracle at the end of 2014 with the aim of telling true stories about Africa and changing the Africa narrative in the western world. With a professional background in Project Management, the busy mother of four has a pan-African outlook having been born and schooled in the UK while being of Ghanaian decent and then travelling to Zambia and Ghana every holiday in her youth. Her travels spurred her to create the company that tells stories to inspire Africans around the world. The company’s mission is based on Joyce’s profound belief that Africans can and should contribute to improving Africa without necessarily having to go back to live there. At the same time she wants to put right, the misperception of Africa as a just a hotbed of corruption and starving people who always depend on aid.


Amy is a social entrepreneur from Manchester working in the field of affordable housing solutions and homelessness prevention and response. SHE FOUNDED people Property Shop in 2012 and is about to launch the concept of Social Property Investment into the marketplace. Amy is really passionate about mission-led business and creating social good. She has housed over 100 homeless people and created government savings in excess of 2 and a half million pounds. When she is not working she loves spending time doing girly things with he family, especially her daughter – shopping, watching films, cooking. She also loves walking her second child Ruby the Labrador.

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Alison founded Fit and Fabulous in Jan 2016. In the 9 months the business has doubled from four Pilates classes to eight. The number of Personal Training sessions has also increased to 13 sessions a week. In that time she has also opened her own one-to-one gym from which she also delivers Pilates and personal training.

Seyi is Co-founder and CEO of Nueras Africa Marketplace, an innovative online retail platform that is aiming to transform how small businesses in Africa sell their products. Nueras Africa Marketplace showcases African brands and gets them to export the products they make to the UK and western countries. He is passionate about building a legacy through growing businesses. His mission is to transform the present and future for African producers and entrepreneurs, especially the young ones who are typically perceived as needing aid, when in fact they are highly educated, hard working and building remarkable businesses.

In this interview, Chenella and her assistant tell us about the business and where the inspiration came from. We also hear about their journey as business owners growing a start-up and their huge plans for the future of the business. Chenella shares the successes she has experienced on the entrepreneurship road, as well as the lessons she has learnt in the process. Her tips and advice for other current, aspiring and soon-to –be business owners combined with her taste in lively music make this an interview not to be missed. Enjoy! 

Valerie is a Business Development Coach. She has worked with a number of business owners representing an investment fund, which has invested in those businesses. She now works with a number of clients from self-employed to businesses made up of large teams. Valerie helps them implement their creative ideas into their business and acts as their sounding board so that they can assess how well they are doing.Valerie is passionate about harnessing the influence of culture on business practices, economic development, spirituality and ancient civilisations. When she is not busy helping companies improve, she indulges her love for photography, nature walks and reading.   

To know more about Valerie, see her profile on Linkedin: In this podcast Valerie opens up about how she started her coaching business, the successes she has experienced and the challenges along the way to where she is today.  You will hear about her determination to succeed as well as her top tips and advice for existing, soon-to-be and aspiring business owners.

Tracey joined Rob Bryan Associates in September 2015 having previously worked for Croner Consulting as a Senior HR Consultant. She is looking to support and develop client relationships in the South East. Very few SMEs can afford to employ their own HR professional. RBA can guide you through the complex world of employment law and help you to manage your business providing a qualified professional HR support service as and when required. 

In her spare time Tracey is passionate about her wired haired Hungarian Vizsla Indie. She can be found walking her on Farthing Downs and other local beauty spots.  

Ben, Regional Sales Manager for Access Storage (Surrey), has an interesting story to tell about his working life and entrepreneurship. Despite his youthful looks, he has successfully started and managed two thriving businesses, including an online shop on Ebay. Ben is a busy family man with his three children – two sons and a daughter. He is always on with a passion for developing businesses and ecommerce. When he is not working (a rare occurrence), you will find Ben in the gym satisfying his fitness quest and reading / learning to build on his personal development.

Hear Ben share his journey into the business world, his path in business ownership, including successes and less than glorious experiences, as well as his tips and advice for current, aspiring and soon-to-be business owners. This is one interview not to be missed! Enjoy!  

Michelle is in the business of inspiration and success. With over 10 years’ experience in human resources, her bread and butter is creating the culture and attitude shift that inspires others to break down their limitations and achieve personal and professional success.

Having overcome her own fair share of barriers to become the founder and director of a successful HR consultancy, The People’s Partner in 2014, Michelle is a mentor for young people, a professional landlord, and a singer with the likes of Madonna and the Pope, Michelle now focuses on helping others achieve the success that she has. She is a lecturer in employment law and does regular public speaking engagements on career management, employee engagement and personal development. 

Jason is the Director and Founder of Intelligent Protection Solutions LLP. He is passionate about family life, including his children, wife and parents. He is also driven by a passion of providing the right insurance protects for individuals, families and businesses. Contact Jason on Twitter (@intelligentps) and facebook (@intelligentprotectionsolutions). A massive film buff, you will usually find Jason watching films in cinemas when he is not working. Other than that he is an avid Eastenders watcher who enjoys going out and eating nice food. 

Listen to Jason tell us  how he got into the protection business three years ago, his successes , challenges and top tips for business owners. 

Julia founded Starfish Admin Services Ltd (Starfish) in April this year with the single mission to unlock time for you, their clients. As a small business owner herself, they recognize that there are so many demands upon your time, often with conflicting priorities; Starfish enables you to take control and do what you love most.   They provide expertise in administrative tasks such as quotations, invoicing, book keeping and diary planning through to email, social media and call management.  Starfish provides these flexible solutions using local subject experts on an hourly, daily or weekly basis to suit the needs. Starfish services are here to relieve the pressure and ensure you can concentrate on what really matters, let’s leave you with a final thought:You have a very important business meeting with Richard Branson, the meeting is going well, you are all prepared and have answered all the questions he has been asking, in a moment of silence your mobile phone rings, you take a look and it is Alan Sugar ringing. You are desperate to speak with Alan Sugar but are currently in front of Richard Branson. What would you do if you missed out on two potential business opportunities? This is where starfish admin services could have supported your business. When she is not working, Julia will be found walking or cycling anywhere that’s got countryside, sailing or being by the sea. She is passionate about helping other people and loves to see the benefits of helping them. Listen to Julia tell us her journey into starting her business, her memorable moments so far and the challenges she has experienced along the way. She also has not –to-be-missed tips and advice for current, new and aspiring entrepreneurs to avoid the dangers that come with running a business. 


 Eddie Barnes started his career in the Lloyds of London insurance market and over a period of 35 years has been a director of various insurance broking companies including Managing Director of SRS. They are specialists in insuring the risks emanating from corporate finance transactions. For the last 10 years Eddie has owned his own Insurance Brokerage, BJIC Ltd, based in Redhill where his skilled team of 10 people provide commercial insurance for all your business requirements. Married with four children, two still at university, he enjoys golf, skiing, classic cars and spending time at the family’s holiday home in Spain.Listen to Eddie share his journey into starting his business, the highlights he has experienced and the challenges of being a business owner. Eddie’s tips and advice for entrepreneurs should not be missed. 

Owen Callaghan, one of Eddie’s young star insurance brokers lends his views in the interview that back up Eddie’s principles and practices.


Damian is a professional Chartered Manager with over 30 years experience in business. There are few more qualified and experienced people in running companies than Damian, as you will see from this shortened description of the management roles he has held:He started out as a management trainee at Marks & Spencer, then spent some years working in the property sector before moving on to managing a territory for to Walker’s Crisps’ Fast Moving accounts sector. His next role managing national accounts for the Swan Group, involved negotiating and looking after national business’ accounts, before spending 5 years as Head of Sales & Marketing in Ireland for Hays Plc, responsible for setting up and overseeing their operations. Damian has been running his own company for 11 years now. Within his current role, he has worked as a freelancer helping the IMG group to set up the new Wembley Stadium corporate hospitality schemes. When he is not working, you will find Damian cycling, playing golf and travelling to beautiful places around Europe. His passion is helping disabled people and their families to live life to their full potential.As if all of that is not enough work for one person, Damian runs a VIP Holiday Club where he coaches and trains individuals to be the best version of themselves as well as create wealth in their local communities and making a difference to disadvantaged people through global volunteering projects. Damian is running a Team Making Difference event in Croydon on 12th September that you are welcome to go along to. Get more information at www.Facebook/teammakingadifference & Twitter @its_all_4U. Listen to Damian share his massive wealth of experience in business management. Find out how he got into business management, his memorable experiences running companies and the challenges he has faced as well as his tips for existing, aspiring and soon-to-be business owners.  


Co-founder of Shiloh PR in 2013, Evadney Campbell is a very busy lady who has achieved enormous success in the media world. Her company provides specialist Public Relations for businesses that want to access the afrocaribbean market in the UK and worldwide, as well as specialist PR training for afrocaribbean businesses. She is an internationally-renowned trainer and speaker on Marketing and Public Relations. As if delivering public relations training, workshops, campaigns and consultancy are not enough, Evadney is also the Executive Director of Sterling Business Network’s Croydon branch that hold’s fortnightly meetings that bring local business owners together to pass referrals and share experiences.Evadney’s burning passions are volunteering and working with young people to enable them to thrive in tomorrow’s world. Her hobbies include reading, listening to music and spending enormous amounts of time on social media marketing.Listen to this inspiring lady share her experiences of going it alone in the media and public relations business, her successes, challenges, and learning for aspiring and current entrepreneurs. Enjoy


Derek is Managing Director and Founder at Goddards Accountancy in Surrey. He is a committee member for the Woking branch of the Federation of Small Businesses, under Antonio Falco’s leadership. Derek’s passion is Cloud accounting for business because of the many benefits it brings. You will find him bee keeping at the weekends, gardening in his allotment or scuba diving in exotic waters. Somewhere. Derek’s insights into the present and future of accounting for small business are definitely an event not to be missed. You will hear how Derek got into managing his family-run accountancy company, his journey into cloud accounting and why it is essential for today’s businesses. Derek will also tell you the pitfalls on the business owner’s route and give you top tips to avoid making the same mistakes. Enjoy

Dawn Wilson founded Perfect Taste by Wilson2Wilson, a Caribbean funeral catering business, in 2009. Despite the business name, she provides catering for a wide range of events from birthday parties to weddings and outdoor festivals. Dawn is passionate about spending time with family and friends. You will find her at a family get-together when she is not too busy working.  In this show, Dawn talks in detail about her entrepreneurship journey including the successes she has had, business and health challenges as well as the wealth of support she has received, which has helped her get where she is in business today. 


Winston has been in the construction business for seventeen years. He is highly ambitions and enthusiastic about life. That is why he is in the process of setting up a care home for the elderly and planning to start a safari travel business to African countries.

Winston is passionate about improving the lives of senior citizens in the UK. In his spare time you will find him socialising with his church groups and retired servicemen in Balham. Listen to Winston share what moved him into being an entrepreneur, his experiences, successes, plans for the future and tips for small business owners.


Eny chatting to Louise Camby.

Louise Camby has a portfolio career as a Creative Producer, Voice Over artist and Forever Living Business Owner.  She is the CEO of a social enterprise called BRAVO and produces networking events and an annual choir concert called Choiroke (named by Louise) as the event is part concert and part audience participation - Karaoke with Choirs.   As well as being busy with her businesses and work projects Louise has many hobbies, loves to travel and spend time with family and friends.


Mary Jane is Founder and CEO of Conscious Cocoon, a coaching service for shy and introverted entrepreneurs. Mary-Jane is passionate about making a difference and leaving the world a better place than when she came into it. Her principles of taking care of yourself and prioritising fun in your working life are truly unique. In her spare time, Mary-Jane she does quiet things like reading, meditating and playing with her baby nephew, Nathan. Listen to Mary-Jane’s fascinating route into starting her coaching business, her successes, challenges and learning for other business-owners.


Phillip is Head of Operations and Finance at Gold Office Solutions. He is passionate about helping others succeed in business. He has a side interest in helping children with disabilities get maximum enjoyment from holidays. When he is not working he can be found sailing on the Solent or the small islands in Mallorca. Otherwise he will be on a race track watching drag races. Phillip is in the process of building a revolutionary online business directory: Useful Contacts, which will be launched in the next few weeks. Hear Philip talk about his journey to becoming an entrepreneur, the successes he has experienced, challenges faced learning along the way and tips for business owners.


AJ Dosani is a Managing Director of Ace Accountancy in Sutton. He is a committed badminton player with a love for football, healthy-eating and supporting disadvantaged young people to participate in political debated. AJ’s enthusiasm for a better way to do accountancy is clearly evident in this interview in which he shares his route into entrepreneurship, ambitions, visions, successes, challenges and tips for budding accountancy business owners. 


Mark Wileman (Independent Distributor Utility Warehouse,

Mark is passionate about helping people, not just in saving money, but also in creating and achieving business goals and dreams through the opportunities Utility Warehouse provides. In his 5 years in business, combined with his day job in retail, has achieved personal goals including public speaking and has built a base for what will become over the next few years, a residual income generator which will change his life as well as that of his family. 

Hear Mark share his journey, experiences as a business owner, achievements, learning and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.





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