Elena Edwards - Independent Consultant with Arbonne International.  

I represent an international health and wellness company expanding on the South Coast of England and I am looking for 4 entrepreneurial minded people to be part of my growing and dynamic team.   Are you one of them?  Do you plan to continue doing what you are doing for the rest of your life or do you keep your options open?  How often are you offered the opportunity to make money, make a difference, and have fun all on your terms?  Imagine the freedom to live the life of your dreams by starting your own successful business. That's the beauty of our business model. So many of our Independent Consultants have done just that, and have transformed their careers, their lives, and the lives of others. They have created a better work life balance because they choose when to work and when to play. With the right leadership, tools and effort, you can too.  So, if you are keeping your options open, would you like to meet up and discuss this further?  To learn more about my journey with Arbonne and to contact me, please visit my website www.elenaedwards.arbonne.com This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Amazing and short interview with Shagun Tomar who I met recently in Berlin. Journalist by education, e-commerce aficionado by experience and entrepreneur by choice, Shagun Tomar is the founder of the newest vegan online shop from Germany- OKOLOLA. Born out of love for animals and eye for fine aesthetics, the platform is her way of curating ethical fashion and beauty products for conscious consumers all over EU. She already has a lot of brands backing up her vision and she sees this as just the beginning of making style more ethical and animal friendly. www.okolola.com

It has been a wonderful experience to interview Gillian. She told us about the techniques and methods she is using to help people who have the courage to face their fears by stepping into unknown territory to find clarity and discover a deeper connection to themselves and others. My feeling is that she is the therapy. By sharing her life's journey, she holds your hand on your journey. What once seemed impossible now it looks possible. You can find more about Gillian and the fascinating therapy called "The Journey" here www.gillianroutledge.wordpress.com.

So excited to have Clive Findlay on my show. He is a career development advisor, coach, and mentor at Career Consult UK, and who started his own business around his 73rd Birthday, after working for other people for many years. This interview is a fascinating story about one man's passion to carry on working beyond the retirement age and still getting excited about inspiring people who are stuck in an unhappy career, helping them to see the bigger picture, and giving them hope.

Karen Dennis - Reiki Practitioner at Mamika Reiki Healing in Shoreham-by-Sea. Karen talks about the deeply relaxing Japanese therapy that re-energises the mind, body, and spirit but also about the universal energy around us, and how our bodies want to heal themselves. This is a fascinating and equally entertaining interview about how Reiki met Karen, about midwifery, and ultimately about her business Mamika. Karen can be contacted via www.mamikareiki.co.uk

It was a really pleasure to interview Louise Holah. She has a great passion for entertaining the children and for saving the planet. She is also keen to help educate the children in Africa and I am looking forward to building another school together in The Gambia . You can find more details about Louise and the Loopy Lou Children Entertainer on her Facebook Page called Loopy Lou Children's Entertainer.


Great interview today on my Radio Show 😊  I always wanted to be on the Loose Women Show so I had my own show today on #ValentinesDay with Debbie Stevens Wellbeing and @GayRichardson from Style Me Confident 😊 

We had a great time on the sofa today but the reason for this interview was an invite for us women to accept ourselves for who we are and not worry about not being thin enough, blonde enough, tall enough, and enough in general.... and on this note, they are promoting a movie about body image. 💃🏻  The movie is called "Embrace" directed by Taryn Brumfitt a body image activist who posted an unconventional before-and-after photograph in 2013 which went viral and was seen by more than 100 million people worldwide and sparked an international media frenzie.   Now, Debbie and Gay are bringing this movie to #Worthing at The Dome Cinema on the 2nd of March 2017 at 6:45pm.   They managed to sell 87 tickets and there are 7 tickets left so get booking at   https://tickets.demand.film/event/1447  It should be fun and I am certainly going to watch it 😊💁💕 

Very happy to have Dawn Wilson on my show. She talks about holistic health, good organic living, and how to make nourishing food in your kitchen. Are you interested in becoming a holistic chef in your kitchen?Then book your place at one of Dawn's workshops or attend one of her holistic retreats in India . Details here http://dawnwilsonwellbeing.com/ 

Elena chatting to business people every week right here! Find out more about Elena Edwards here https://www.linkedin.com/in/elenaedwardsentrepreneur

Let's start 2017 thinking more about us and what makes us happy. If you don't have a Valentine on the 14th of February then Debbie organises a great Ladies Nights In on the 16th - all the details and booking information on www.debbiestevenswellbeing.co.uk. Have you ever wondered who Elena is? If yes, just listen until the end for an interesting turn of this Radio Show, when Debbie interviews Elena 

Great interview with the lovely life coach Mariki Troskie. Do listen in to hear the life story of a wonderful human being with a wonderful like that one day was switched off by someone else. How does one switches the life back on after a trauma? How does your dream life look like? Catching fish all day? Successful career? Flying your own helicopter? Feeling happy again after divorce? 


 Clare Goldfinch and Linda Randall chat to Elena.

Great interview with the lovely life coach Mariki Troskie. Do listen in to hear the life story of a wonderful human being with a wonderful like that one day was switched off by someone else. How does one switches the life back on after a trauma? How does your dream life look like? Catching fish all day? Successful career? Flying your own helicopter? Feeling happy again after divorce? Maybe it's time to buy that house in the country or maybe it's time to take up that degree course you've always wanted to do. Whatever your dream, it matters, and life coaching will help you achieve it. Do browse Mariki's website for more info www.marikitroskie.com. Enjoy listening to interview.

Here it is Louise Wilson from Touch a Reiki - holistic care for people and animals. I have just learnt that animals could suffer from stress as much as we humans do. Did you know that animals love Reiki? Relax and listen to Louise's soothing voice. Fascinating insight into this Japanese technique for the body's own self healing.

Here it is Felicity Dwyer - career coach at The Heart of Work. She talks about how she facilitates learning and creating a relaxed, supportive, and engaging environment where people learn with and from each other in groups. Did you know that she studied Drama and that she has been an amateur dancer her entire life? If she cannot engage with you around the boardroom table she can definitely spread energy in the room when she is standing up and dancing around. Trust me, I had her in my studio. The Heart of Work? Really? Does work have a heart? Apparently so. Do listen in. You will absolutely love the show.

Here it is Jo Webster from Jodee Hair and Nails- mobile beauty technician in Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas. You can see her work on Facebook at Jodee Hair and Nails. She talks about the latest trends in the beauty industry. Learn everything about the new hair cuts , the Shellac toes, and the vegan hair collection from Arbonne. It all looks glittery. Enjoy the show. 

So excited to have had Neil Laughton from Laughton & Co on my show. Entrepreneur, adventurer, business consultant, and 'joker' on my show, Neil speaks on leadership, teamwork, effective communication, and positive attitude as key elements to determine your success in the endeavour. I was blown away by Neil's many adventures around the Globe. I still cannot get my head around how he managed to fly a car from Europe to Africa!! It was interesting to learn how he uses his adventurous experiences to help, support, and fundraise for many charities in the UK and abroad. Next event - The crazy Rockinghorse sportathlon -designed & directed by Laughton & Co, at the Sussex County Cricket Club on Friday 23.Sep.2016, in aid of Rockinghorse - a Brighton based children charity. Visitors welcome to watch the show.

This is Linda Randall - the Life Change Lady. Linda has traveled through the corporate world managing teams of bankers, then went to coach children in Government establishments to enhance they quality of their life, and also has been living her personal life on a rollercoaster ride. She has set up in business on her own to help us all to change our lives into better lives. Inspirational and equally entertaining entrepreneur 😊 

From 'community dad' running Worthing Dads Group to Marketing Director for a Global Company - The Black Isle Group - a reputable adviser in communication, leadership, and business development - to building and developing communities of business people under his own brand - The Peer Coaching Hub, while running 5000 miles in as many marathons as possible - Keith Fowler- the community guy 😊

What a Radio Show with Debbie from Debbie Stevens Events- she is the show, from offering reflexology treatments to private clients, to organising Girls' Night in Events, to inspiring children on school how to live a well balanced life and encouraging them to go for their dreams. Amazing entrepreneur in our business community.


After learning that much of Sarah's time is spent on the International Conference arenas, in the boardrooms, and coaching sessions, I felt privileged to have her on my Radio Show. Sarah Hopwood is an international speaker & business excellence consultant using emotional intelligence to unpack, then drive, change. Fascinating!


The entire Team at Access by Design is massively creative, despite personal challenges. It was because of these personal challenges that they decided to build websites accessible by everyone because why would you have it any other way? Inspirational story of a Rock Band turned into a website factory 😊 


 Delighted to have Ben Allen on the Show. Remarkable story of a very young entrepreneur - age 26- who never gives up and who constantly challenges the status quo in the business world.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have Julia Chessman from Starfish on my Show.Lots of energy in the room. No wonder she used to work on an Ambulance and handling 999 calls. I am really glad she stepped on her first entrepreneurial journey before she reached her 30th birthday.

Great interview with the man behind OCD oven cleaning company on the South Coast. Great to learn that he used to be a baker once. The key to freedom is to be your own boss. Great interview to listen to while you are cooking your dinner 😊

My guest this week is Clare Goldfinch - nutritionist and dietician. Educational and exciting interview with a professional who can advice anyone on anything food related, from how to read a label to how to do your food shopping. Also, Clare has had a ride with cancer- now all clear. Out of 250 people who went on the same treatment, 4 years on, only 31 survived, and Clare is the only one not in a wheelchair. A truly inspirational life story from an amazing entrepreneur. 

This week Elena meets the man behind Tao Dragons Martial Arts school on the South Coast - Mark John Fisher.   I am fascinated about all the unique techniques Mark has developed over the past 26 years for realistic street self defence and safety awareness in the day to day life.  Mark says that the greatest gift we can give ourselves and our children is the ability and the right to live without fear 🙌  The bully must not win and you should safely return home. You can do that in 5 seconds if you know how. 


Elena chatting to Dani and Maisie from Inversity Fitness in Worthing. They are 23 and 24 years old, respectively. They are both full time employees in different industries and also turned one of their hobbies into a business. They are both pole dancing and fitness instructors and teach people pole fitness in the evening after they finish their day job. Asked if their friends and family were not as supportive as they are about their business venture what they would have done, the answer was " We would have done it anyway" . So feel the fear and do it anyway. Amazing story about what these two ladies are doing. So excited to have them on the show. 

Melanie started her business Toots Textiles in late 2015 to follow her passion for making things out of textiles. Her story is full of beautiful life little stories, from being born in France with one of the parents working in the Army to travelling around the world, collecting many accessories for her crafts' creations, to moving many houses, and after everything was said and done to start her own business when most people give up hope later in life.

This is Heather chatting about Harries Coffee and how things are going.