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Small business and missed opportunities

Small business and missed opportunities

You know, having a business is a little like growing up. We grow the business and develop new ideas. We try things and some work out while others don’t. We learn from the things we didn’t quite get right and we smile at the things that worked. We get better at what we do by trying new things and developing new ideas.

As with growing up a business needs to be social. You as the business owner or representative need to be out there marketing your business and sometimes these opportunities smack us right in the mouth and somehow we miss them?

I don’t mind telling you that Business Radio will one day be very popular. It will be the centre of attention for large and small business, so if you get given an opportunity to be interviewed or come on the show, don’t turn it down because you may not get another opportunity to sound off about your business.

Being interviewed by Business Radio is more of a marketing exercise for small business because we believe that every small business should have the opportunity to advertise for free. Now if for some reason you decide to blow us out and not turn up or better still turn us down until we are further down the line, don’t be surprised if we decide not to have you on the show, ever.

In Sussex there are over 50,000 small businesses. If you decide that we’re not worth your time, don’t worry, we have another 49,999 other businesses to go through and I’m sure that a few of them will probably be your competitors.

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