What's in a name?

What's in a name?

What’s in a name?

Well pretty much everything really because if people don’t know what you are called how are they going to find you? “Well they can always google you” I can hear you say but that is always the case.

Some names you come up by yourself something like “business radio” it does what it says while others not so. I know of an international company who spent tens of thousands of pounds on a marketing company to come up with a unique name. While initially some people found it hard to pronounce, now 7 years on, they are one of the most respected companies in their field and no one mispronounces their name.

I know a photographer who says my “name is xxx-xxx and I’m a photographer” but when you search for this person online they don’t exist under their name or if they do it’s on some blogging site or someone else’s website giving them credit. Then you find out that the company name that they are using is nothing like what you’d expect, like “Boots” not selling boots or “Currys” not selling curry. While there are companies out there who can carry this really well such as Apple, M&S, Microsoft, these companies have been around for years or have had a significant amount of money poured into them so that they have now become household names.

I think that my advice would be when it comes to names, try to use something that describes what you are about and not too weird:-)and there is nothing with using your own name if you are the business.

If you need help selecting a name, give me a call, we have a volunteer team who would love to help you.

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Friday, 19 July 2019
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