Too good to be true

Too good to be true

Too Good To Be True!

Business Radio is all about helping small businesses. We do this by giving them free advertising on our Radio station and various other ways. Now, whenever we do a show it gets stored on a platform called Mixcloud. Mixcloud stores our shows and we play them through our website and anyone who happens to find us on Mixcloud. What this means is that people can hear the program again and again. This also means that if we play a commercial for you for FREE, then it will be listened to again and again. Straightforward? Are you still wth me? If you advertise with us, unlike other companies, your advert will be listened to again and again!

But it’s funny how people react to “Free”. I imagine that if I walked up to people in the street and handed out £10 notes that there might be little resistance, they may wonder if the notes were fake or that perhaps I was an eccentric millionaire? And you’ve heard the term “Too Good To Be True” or “If it looks too good to be true then it probably is”



The reason that I mention the above is that I went to the “Lets Do Business” Show in Hastings on the 29th of October. It’s a fantastic event run by the “lets Do Business Group” I can’t remember exactly how many businesses were there but it looked well over 140 businesses.

I attended a “Lets Do Breakfast” organised by Sussex Business Bureau just before the show for some Speed Networking. There were about 25 people sitting 5 to a table. Basically we get given alphabetical letters from A to E. The A’s deliver a one minute presentation on their business and then move to the next table where they deliver the same presentation and they keep moving until they have delivered their presentation to all the tables. It’s a very effective way to deliver a quick presentation quickly to large audience without lots of people talking over one another.

My presentation was very straightforward and went something like this “my name is Tino and I run a small Radio Station called Business Radio. Because small businesses find it hard to get into the media, I put together Business Radio to offer free and low cost advertising for small business” I gave out my business cards and in doing so I also said “ if you go to our website and register today, I’ll also give you £500 of free advertising, but you must register today, it is completely free” and then I moved to the next table where I said the same thing but probably added something else.

What was really interesting was that no one took up my offer? I was giving away £500 of free radio advertising and these small businesses who are normally desperate for publicity didn’t want to know? I’m not offended or anything like that but I was surprised because when I was starting my business 12 years ago I would have grabbed this opportunity with both hands.

Here are some possibilities as to why my offer didn’t seem as attractive as I thought:

1. “It was too good to be true” some people prefer to pay for things and the turn “Free” to them means inferior, no value and of no interest.

2. My delivery might have been too fast and they really had no idea what I was giving away.

3. My company is not established. To them my company does not carry as much weight as a traditional radio station who would probably charge lots more money.

4. Perhaps they genuinely didn’t need free exposure?

5. It might have been that they are so wrapped up in what they had to say that they didn’t hear my presentation at all.

Who knows what goes on in someone’s head but whatever was going on in their heads at the time that I was trying to help them didn’t do them any favours.

I guess that the old saying of “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it” is appropriate here.


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Friday, 19 July 2019
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