Small business marketing

Small business marketing

People who are great at marketing…themselves!

As a small business you are always looking for ways to grow your business. You’ve probably tried to a few marketing ideas but the results have been at best low.

As an Entrepreneur you recognise that you need help so you are taken away from running the business to start looking for someone who can help you. It is important that you take the time to find the right person or organisation as there are so many “would be experts” out there.

But how do you find someone, after all, what is an expert? I’ve known many experts, some claim to be good while others have shown me that I can afford today their monthly fees but none of them have made a difference to my business.

When people are experts, what does that mean? Expert according to whom?

Some people feel that that because they’ve had high powered position that this makes them an expert?

I have a really close friend called Pablo. He is a marketing guru. He works and has worked for many multimillion pound companies. These companies hire him because he is an expert or is he?

Lets take a look at what he does.

Pablo gets a budget of anything from £250K to £750K per year to blow on marketing. He then hires a couple of marketing companies to do the marketing for him! Now, lets assume that Pablo has been doing this for twenty years. How much of an expert is he?

He then decided to write a book on marketing which no publisher wanted so he self published! Now he markets his books which are a good read but I’d never use it for my business. :-)

The point that I’m making is that my very good friend Pablo knows nothing of small business marketing because he has been used to (and still does) spending big money on marketing.

You will find Pablo at many small business shows promoting his book because, he doesn’t need to sell his book but it makes him feel good.

When it comes to marketing for small business take care when you find an expert. Clearly they have been very good at catching your attention just make sure that they don’t get your wallet!

If you want to find out more about small business marketing consider us. We’ll do for free..well for now anyway :-)

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Friday, 19 July 2019
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