Make more time

Normally I would rant about anything that has been bugging me, but today I’d like to share with you the importance of time and I’m not coming at this from “time leaches” or time wastage but more of a “you need to make more time by doing less”

And before you start saying “I don’t have any time” just ask yourself “What would it take to make more time?”

If you went to see your doctor and they said that you had a fatal illness would that make you stop and think or would you just carryon regardless? Having spoken to many people who have had this happen to them I already know what your answer is, but why should it take a fatal illness to get us to realise that we need to make more time?

Time is one of those things that we place a high value on when it comes to giving it to someone else. How many times have you told someone that you’re unable to see them because you’re too busy? Lets stick with this one for a minute. What do we mean by “I’m too busy”? or “I’m too busy right now”. What is the message that you think that you are passing? Do you think that it is one of busyness and importance and how do you think that your answer is being received? Does this person who you’ve just turned down really believe that you are busy or that you just don’t want to see them? And what if this person was to leave your sight and die, how would you feel then?

Here is my philosophy : Make more time for others and they will make time for us.

We live in a world of constant demands and pressures from bosses making you work flat out, so much so that we give up on the rest of life (because we don’t have the time) to do anything else.But wait a minute, we are small businesses and we are the bosses so shouldn’t we know better?

The problem is this: When someone approaches you with something to say and you say something like “I don t have the time” what the other person is hearing is “I can’t be bothered with you” and “You are not worth my time”. When did we give up on people for the sake of whatever we are doing? Actually, we gave up many moons ago and what we need now and a reset or perhaps a good slap to remind us that we are not talking to objects, we are talking to people and if people don’t matter what does?

Make more time.

End of Rant

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Friday, 19 July 2019
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