It's getting smaller!

As I get older everything around me is getting smaller and I don't me "about me!"

I recently saw a commercial for Twix on television and it looked huge in the hands of two men but, the last time that I purchased a twix it wasn't much bigger than my index finger.

I know that I’ve probably missed the boat on this argument but everything is getting smaller. Do you remember the commercial for the Yorky bar? A strapping lorry driver tucking into what appeared to be a “man size” chocolate bar, have you bought one recently?

The waggon wheel went the same way.

twix bar ideologies 600 75182Now, all the big manufacturers will have you believe that the reason for chocolates being smaller ranges from the price of raw chocolate going up to manufacturing costs to “looking after your health” but the reality (in my opinion) is that they can get away with it and we are still happy to pay whatever they ask (within reason). But this isn’t just with chocolate, we see the same with everyday foods and housing. A three bedroom house today is much smaller than a three bedroom house 10 years ago and again it isn’t just because the builder is greedier, we are just stupid enough to buy it.

When it comes to size, I’m all about value for money and I don’t think that manufacturers, suppliers, retailers or even the government is giving us value for our money.

This is what the Telegraph had to say on the matter:

Brighton and Hove Council Folly
Internet Radio Advertising is growing..


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Sunday, 26 May 2019
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