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Getting your clients to part with more money can be difficult especially if they are not getting in return. But if you can engage with them you probably have a netter chance of getting them to spend more with you instead of you having to constantly find new customers.

An innovative way to engage with your clients/customers is to have a podcast something that they can listen to, something that they will feel that they are getting value from or are interested in.

A podcast is not difficult to create in fact if you have a voice recorder it is very simple or if you have a laptop you can just turn the microphone on and start recording something. They key is to make interesting for your listeners so you might one day talk about your business and on another day you might want to interview someone about their business. Remember to be interesting.

Having your own podcast or show on business radio isn't just about sounding like a DJ, it's about you engaging with your clients or customers and you can do this by ensuring that the content that you are talking about is well researched and well presented.


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Friday, 19 July 2019
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