3 steps to having your own radio show

Here are my 3 steps to having your own radio show.

Step 1:

1 . Introduce yourself and what it is that you do.
2 . Tell your listeners what you will be talking about, what music you’ll be playing and who, if anyone, you have coming on your show.

your own showStep 2:

Plan your show and try to follow the plan. Although some people might be able to carry off “shooting from the hip” or “ad-libbing” is never that good and although you might go “off-plan” now and again, a plan will always get you back on track and with practise you will just flow.

Step 3:

Be interested in your guest. If you have invited someone to come on your show then take the trouble to find as much information about them as possible, have lots of questions for them so that you come across as interested. Not being prepared leaves you open to “umming”, scratching your head and having lots of long pauses.

Thank everyone for listening. Remember that the show is recorded and that people may listen at anytime once the show is published. You may find that on the actual day of broadcast that you might jot have too many listeners but by the end of the month you may have several hundred.

And finally, don’t forget to tell your listeners how to find out more information about you and your guest either on twitter, website and Facebook.

And Finally Finally, share your unique webpage link with everyone on twitter, Facebook, linkedin and any other forma of communication that you may use.

If you need any help please call:-)

Good Luck!

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Friday, 19 July 2019
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