Hello, I’m David Moon, the founder of Auxilium Training.me

I come from a media background where I spent twenty years as a Stage Manager in the TV industry, working on all kinds of shows, all over the world. I have a degree in Technology and a diploma in Systems Thinking & Practice. I started to foster a serious interest in the markets during the ‘tech boom’ of the late 1990’s. This initial investment saw a 1000% return within months, and with it a belief that I was a natural trader with a golden touch – yes, you’ve guessed it, this belief came crashing down along with the dotcom market a short time later, but my interest in trading was truly born. Since then I have received a full programme of professional training and mentoring, not only in the markets but more importantly in self awareness, and mental and emotional control. I now focus my trading on currencies and stock indices for short term income and long term wealth. more details here: http://www.auxiliumtraining.com

Listen to David chat to Tino about Auxilium Training.