These interviews are of people who we consider to be game changers.

I started my working career after leaving university in 1998 and since then have had roles in a wide variety of industries in both administrative and management positions.  I have experience in both the public and private sectors and in manufacturing, insurance, financial services, charities and the NHS; in both small family and large corporate environments.  For the last ten years I have worked in senior Executive Personal Assistant positions, working for Managing Directors , Chief Executives and Boards. Alongside this, I have also managed a team of PAs/Administrators and ran a successful Executive Office.  Find out more here: 


Sassy Social Marketing is a UK based full-service Social Marketing Business owned and run by Alyson Reay, a strategic thinker with the perfect combination of corporate understanding, social awareness and sassiness to represent your brand.We are passionate about writing exciting content to support small to medium sized businesses. We embrace the dynamic world of ever changing social media platforms to keep up with the latest trends and to seize new opportunities for our clients. For info please visit

Alyson being interview by Tino



(Janet Webb) I am a Chartered Member of the CIPD and have been working in the field of learning and organisational development since 1992. I am a skilled manager with experience of managing a variety of teams, reviewing services and undertaking business planning. I can help you develop your staff by doing my stuff.  Find out more here


Dale Stafford, (This was our first telephone interview) The Principal has been in business, slaying monsters and raising spirits since 1980. With a passion for people, devotion to service and achievement of heavenly results, her first company became one of England’s leading lights in training and development for business. And verily we say unto you, The Principal has been recognised on high for her contribution to education, employment and skills. Find out more here

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