You have found our partner page!

What is a partner?

A Business Radio partner is someone who recommends us. Someone who feels as passionate about helping small businesses as we are.

As a Business Radio partner you can receive cash incentives for recommending us. If the recommendation goes on to make a purchase you get paid. We have packages for every business so there is no reason why your recommendation shouldn't buy a package from us.

You will need to register to become a partner but once that's out of the way you can start making money. Please ensure that you read our affiliate terms and conditions. Once you have registered you will have a unique link that tracks everyone that you send to us.

Why should you become an partner?

Our services sell themselves and all that you have to do is say something like "have you considered having your own business show?" There is no selling, in fact we would discourage anyone from trying to sell our services, we're not looking for sales people, we just want you to tell people about us.

How much do you get?

We pay 25% commission on every sale (ongoing).  So lets say that you send us one person who spends £100. You would receive £25 every month until that person stops using our service.  Get the picture? Try this, if you would like to earn an extra £10,000 per year all that you need to do is tell 33 people (over a year) about Business Radio, if they went on to make a £100 purchase  each, you would receive in the region of £10,000 per year. Now I don't know about you but I like networking and I meet more than 33 people a year so you do the math. If I told 33 people about Business Radio a month, that is just over 1 person per day, I could potentially be on about £10,000 per month! And the best bit is that we do everything for you once your recommendation signs up.

So here's the process.

1. Register on our partner portal.

2. Either use one of the unique banners or the email links to promote our services to people that you know.

3. Once someone that you send to us using your unique link buys one of our services we'll pay you. There may be a 30 day wait period just incase they cancel their order but once those 30 days are out of the way we'll deposit the money in your account or whatever method you've been asked to be paid in.

If you have any concerns or get stuck please let me know!


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