Hi there,

Business Radio is an online radio station specifically for small businesses. 

Here are just a few uses for Business Radio.

A new way to market your business. Marketing your business on the radio can be an enormous amount of money, so much so that some companies never get on the radio because they can't afford it. Business Radio does away with these enormous costs by showing you how you can have your own radio channel without all the cost. It isn't free but when you can start engaging with your clients from £12.50 per week why wouldn't you?

There are many benefits to using Business Radio such as having your own business show. Can you imagine how impressed your clients will be when you tell them that you have your own show or that you’d like them to be a guest your business show? 

There is now no need to feel embarrassed about calling people and selling your services because now you can invite people on your show instead of selling your services. Just imagine “hello, I’m calling to invite you on my radio show to chat about your business” Doesn’t that sound easier than “would you like to buy my services”?

If you are a business that plays music to your employees or customers, how fantastic would it be to also send direct messages while the music is playing maybe something along the lines of “You guys are amazing, thank you for your work, enjoy the weekend” or “today we have a special offer on our coffee, buy one and get one free” and “These are our opening times”

Got a pub or restaurant? Can you see how Business Radio can help you enhance whatever you are offering?

Have a look at our FAQ section or call me for more details.

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